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Thor-Rune is an educated journalist and has spent most of his professional career within television as a sports commentator. Having worked as a writer and a radio presenter for various employers over a period of eleven years, he started his TV career by joining TVNorge in 1989. He spent his time there working with popular entertainment, music and sports until he was headhunted in 1993 by FilmNet, which later morphed into Canal+ in Scandinavia. Having already acquired a lot of experience as a commentator of English Premier League soccer, he spent his next 17 years doing PL commentary as well as soccer from various other countries and other sports events like handball, cross country, ice hockey and many more. By the time he finally quit sports commentary in 2010 he was by far the most experienced soccer commentator in Norwegian television history with about 1500 games to his name. He was also the stadium speaker for all of Norways international games, every Norwegian cup final and his beloved club Lyn for over 22 seasons.

He is also an experienced music journalist in Norwegian music papers, radio and television and has built up a massive collection of records along the way. To this date he works with projects on Norwegian music history, compiling anthologies and CD box sets.