• A resort that is a Performance & Health facility Centre of a different kind, an oasis for high-class clientele requiring recuperation within the confines of a highly secure facili‍‍‍ty.
• A resort divided into two catagories, one area designated to the public with free access for all. The other, and by far the larger, a completely secluded world that will meet the requirements of our top performers in sports, business, entertainment and other walks of life.
• A special treatment center for sports injury and also having conditioning clinics, equestrian Centre, veterinary care and a private hospital.
• A community of its own, including hospital, alternative medicine, a range of cafes and restaurants based on locally produced organic products, facilities for children, parks, grounds, a spa and beauty Centre.
Environmental responsibility in all areas of activity is at the Centre of our ethics..

Europe's First 7 star Luxury well being resort 

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